Winning Skin: 4 effortless ways to look your best.

A solid skincare routine makes a huge difference. Think of it as a great method of self-preservation, and as a way to keep yourself in the best shape possible to help you get more mileage out of what you’ve got.  Here's the lowdown on recommended bases.


A thorough cleanse is the foundation of any man’s grooming arsenal. Invigoration, revitalisation and extra polish are the order of the day. Give it a kick start.

  1. Wet your face with warm (not hot) water, then scoop a small amount of the cleanser, using the spatula, onto your fingertips.
  2. Rub your hands together, activating the lather, then massage all over your face in circular motions for about 30-60 seconds. (for beards add extra 15 seconds and work against the hair grain)
  3. Once completed, splash all over with warm water and pat your face with a towel (no need to rub vigorously)


A face mist is fast becoming a valuable part of the skincare repertoire for many a guy, and it’s for good reason. It actively attracts moisture to the skin, drinking it in deep and keeping it locked in.

Close your eyes and spray evenly, holding the bottle about 8 inches from your face. Spritz directly onto face and neck, avoiding the eyes.  Let it dry then move on.


Serums are all about feeding the skin with high-potency ingredients that get further down the skin's layers and enhance the potency of other products -  a well-judged blend to leave you feeling ultra hydrated and refreshed each morning.

Apply  2-3 pumps to your hands and massage together then apply on to your face working in circular motions upwards. Then, wait 30 seconds for your face serum to fully absorb into your skin.


Few things in life are as tough on your skin as the sun.  A basic layer of defence is the least you can do in the pursuit for sturdy, healthy skin. Which is where an SPF moisturiser for men comes in.

Massage a dime size amount onto clean, dry skin.