Go Bald or Go Home: how to rock the hair-free look

Hair, it’s an emotional one. You’ve been through the thick of it – those halcyon days of ruffled schoolboy styles, that unfortunate Caesar cut we put down to foolery over Clooney-ry. And of course, that irreversible bed head on the first date that miraculously led you to more time spent, you guessed it- in bed. You can say you’ve been together through the good and the bad. Through thick and thin.

Yes thin. You’ve watched as it went salt and pepper – heck grey. Survived the odd hair-raising argument and then it happened- the penny dropped or was it the follicle? On your shoulder, in the sink, in your comb. It shifted sides, let go and moved on.  You’re going bald.

So, what to do- firstly take a step back and take stock. It’s not the beginning of the end. No predilections of endless doom and gloom to be had. Think losing your locks means losing your looks? Think again. It's time to make the best out of a bald situation. Here’s how

First up, understand why you're going bald

Baldness is often hereditary - in fact it’s the most significant contributor to thinning hair and since we are but pawns in the genetic lottery, there’s a high chance that if your father or grandfather (from either parent) experienced balding you’ll go bald as well. It is what it is and its ging to be a A - ok.

However, if you’re the first in your family to go prematurely bald, it may be time to take a look at your wider life. Hair loss can be attributed to anything from stress to particular hairstyles (the scalp-straining man-bun is especially bad for your follicles), so it may be time to — both literally and metaphorically — let your hair down to combat baldness.

Ok, so you’re sort of accepting this new relationship dynamic- an it’s not you, it’s us kind of phase. And while acceptance comes with the understanding that going bald is not within your control, inevitably you may be wondering how to slow the process down. Well, if you’ve de stressed your day to day, given up the cigarettes and reduced your alcohol consumption (all contributors) But, your hair is still falling out at the same rate, further steps can be taken to decrease the process

Thickening shampoos can help hide the appearance of thinning hair, and a cleansing conditioner can help unblock clogged follicles which may be impeding growth.  Another consideration could be supplements such as our Auden  DAY DEFENCE nutritional capsules with hair growth beneficial  ingredient Selenium to look after your hair from within.

If you must, find a way to hide your baldness

Certain hairstyles will do wonders for your thinning thatch. Fluffy layering is a sure-fire way to keep your hair looking luscious and the buzz cut is a smooth and simple way to embrace your baldness without giving up hair completely. Of course, reaching for the razor is always an option, but — regardless of what many men think — it’s not always the best idea to go full-dome as soon as your hair starts dropping.

You can still rock hair here and there – befriending your ever artful barber and tailoring your haircut to make the best of a bald situation.  If you have less hair at the crown try to keep a little more length through the front. If you are thinning in the front you may decide you want to wear it longer around the back and sides – just be careful not to let the sides get too long and thick as it will serve to emphasise the discrepancy in thickness.

 A word of caution or rather two. The Combover. May be best avoided. It’s a hard deception to pull off and if not craftily executed, tends to highlight, rather than brush over the issue at hand. A toupee? Well, we don’t want to judge but No. Never. Ever.

Nope at a certain point every man needs to embrace the rights of passage of whipping off that remaining wisp and learn to love the receded hairline before him. Throw in a natty flat cap every once in a while, if you will (but take note that wearing hats for long periods of time will starve your hair follicles of oxygen, clogging them up and preventing them from producing the oils hair needs to grow). and know this- you may have lost your hair but you’ve gained a little kryptonite in your back pocket. Bald men are stronger, taller, and more dominant – at least, that’s what people perceive😊 You’ve gained grooming time and those sultry, sweat drenched Summers will never be the same again. Result.