Badass Botanical: Vitamin C is devilishly good.

Not just for keeping those seasonal colds at bay, vitamin C – is one of the most research-proven ingredients you can apply to skin - think of it as one of skin care’s greatest players.

The powerful antioxidant is capable of fending off free radicals (the main culprits that accelerate aging). That's why you aren’t looking like you’re 40 even though you are 40. These nasty molecules—present in common air pollutants—are the ones responsible for damaging the skin’s DNA, which consequentially reduces the cell’s natural abilities to repair and regenerate.

In addition, if you’re looking to brighten up a dull complexion, improve elasticity and reduce blemishes and acne scars, vitamin C is the gold standard of ingredients, especially as the years go by. 

Here, how best to utilize the hero ingredient for a brighter, smoother, and fuller complexion year-round. 

 Power packed hydration                                       Moisturisers are one of the two most common products that carry vitamin C and since you apply them daily, they’re also a smart way to promote ongoing collagen production and prevent long-lasting blemishes or a dull complexion.

Get your skin a drink.                                      You know that satisfying feeling that comes from finally putting lotion on your dry, cracked hands, well a vitamin C packed face mist does that for your equally parched face. Its effectively the answer to dull, dried out skin every hour of the day. One zap of an oil free, vitamin C packed formula like our Supercharge xxx will make your skin feel completely renewed. 

Go with a Serum
Designed to deliver a high concentration of actives, serums are the other most common form of delivery for vitamin C.  They seep into all layers of the skin to deliver their benefits and whilst having the same proactive effect as a moisturiser, they are more concentrated and likely even more effective at reversing damage. Use daily before moisturising.

Top-shelf eye care for the short and the long run

Everything in the dark must come to the light—including those circles under your eyes. If you've got blue or brown under your eyes, vitamin C products are a must for brightening the area. Kiehl's formula has 10% C, but is rounded out with peptides to provide hydration that's restorative for that thin under-eye skin.

Netflix and Chill Face Mask                            The invigorating powers of a face mask are very real, especially for dull, tired skin. Consider it the weekly “break in case of emergency” item in your bathroom arsenal.  Our xxxx combines withxxxx andxxx to for a deep cleansing and skin rejuvenating glow that'll compliment the moisturiser and serums you'll apply on the daily.