Minimalist Routine

This handsome bottle has all the convenience you love in a 2-in-1 and is perfect for brightening dull skin and removing ingrown hairs. It gently buffs away dirt and dead skin cells to reveal a radiant complexion and is formulated with helpful ingredients that won't just nourish your skin, but lock in moisture for the long haul — preventing inflammation in the morning too. If you are still washing your face with an average bar of soap, this is an intervention 😊

For skin that needs a little more attention, our hyaluronic face mist is soothing, hydrating and calming. Hyaluronic acid is  renowned for its water retention properties, aiding hydration improving the skin’s barrier layer and keeping it soft, smooth and plumped. Our mist is great post-shave as it drives moisture into your pores while soothing any razor burn. complexion is dry, dehydrated, or sensitive and you demand a top-shelf fix, then look no further. 

Enriched with anti-ageing ingredients, including organic seaweed, magnesium phosphate, stabilised Vitamin C, plus aromatic vanilla and citrus oils, this powerful serum penetrates deep into your skin to provide intensive hydration. It locks in moisture without ever feeling heavy or greasy and is enriched with two forms of Vitamin C plus antioxidant king Asthathanthin- the power ingredient your grooming kit needs.